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New York one of the powerful countries in the world, equipped with natural beauties landscapes and rich in culture. It is a famous tourist place preferred by most of the people. New York is a place of historical importance. Most of the people go to New York for the purpose of education or for tourism. Most of the students like to complete their masters in Cornell University, Rochester and State University of New York etc.

With its rich geography New York attracts many visitors, people are curious on visiting Niagara Falls, beautiful mountain ranges etc.

New York   With the modernized ways of traveling, people are able to choose mediums, which are fast as well as comfortable. Flights are a common source of traveling today and flight rates have become cheap and durable making most of men and women choose their journeys comfortably.Travel between Europe and USA has not always been simple, it included huge and high fare rates, a recent introduction of four business class airlines made fare rates low, making a way for lot of tourists and students to visit New York City.

Two business class airlines flying from Canada to New York

 Silver jet

 A famous airline company, which uses famous Boeing 767 aircrafts, these Aircrafts makes their way from London lutton to Newark New York City. Aircrafts used by these airlines are fitted with 100 business class seats and they also make large legroom space of 75. Sliver jet has a private terminal, which has an advantage of allowing passengers to board flights in minimal time. Due to huge competition in market silver jet gives an official trip in 1950$, there are some of the special offers available by this airline which make to and fro journey quite flexible.

 L Avion

This is another class of air craft which flies from Paris Orly to New York City . It uses Boeing aircrafts which are configured with 90 seats.  Prices provided by these aircrafts are less when compared to silver jet, but these models are unable to keep comfort and safety level highly.

In olden days it was an era of Maxjet flights, these flights were called as all business carrier based flights. They had a cheap price rate and had ability for carrying many passengers. These flights used Boeing 757-200 aircrafts having 90 seats. The price rates were around 1500$ return from US and it was 775 pounds return from UK.

Today one of the leading business class aircrafts comes from American Airlines. They serve London people by providing them cheap deals of around 600$in economic class and $1500 in return. These flights are quite easy to travel and do not involve any potential risk. Obviously it was open skies, which made it possible to travel around the world in less time and at a low cost. Air France flies on its way from London to Los angels every day, due to growing demand for flight travel.

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