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Travel to New York City

New York City is known for its active participations in media, education, entertainment, arts, fashion and advertising. The New York city is a major centre for international activities. The city hosts the headquarters of United Nations and is known for its global economic market New York Stock Exchange.

The city New York is not  a peaceful city but it is high in activities. Some of the tallest buildings of the world like the Empire State Building is located in the city . The city is most densely populated cities of America. The majority of population is of whites and blacks but the population of the city comprises foreign born 36 % that includes Hispanics and Asians.


There are many reason to fly to New York City. New York is the global centre for commercial activities as it host the centers like The Wall Street , United Nations headquarters. The city is not only known for historical assets but also for cultural centers, Historical spots, Museums, Broadway theaters ,Ferry rides to islands,30,000 restaurants, countless bars and clubs and shopping mall are found in every part of the city.

Reasons to travel to New York City:

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  • You can travel for Commercial or business purpose to New York.

  • You can travel to New York on a holiday trips with family and friends

  • You can travel to view the 300 museums, cultural activities ,fashion shows , media, advertising, design, theatres, broadways and architecture

  • You can travel to have a look at the historical assets of the city


  • You can travel to celebrate annual functions in New York, to shop in New York before Christmas as you get tax free on clothing and items below $110 and if you get a pass to the city you can view 40 attractions and through the pass you can even get discounts on shopping in various stores. You get all kinds of items in the city shops of many famous brands of the world. 


Must see  in New York

If you are not planning to make a long vacation to New York then in a week or in some days you must see the following landmarks of New York.

Times Square – From most of the locations in New York it is easy to get to Grand Central Station and from the Grand Central you can get the "S" - 42 Street Shuttle subway train that will take you to Times Square. You will be able to get a view of New York broadways in Times Square and even get a Ferry Wheel in Times Square. Better if you travel to Times Square in night . It is busiest terminal of New York where you get wide range of restaurants , shops and the place is visited by almost by 500,000 travelers everyday.

Rockefeller Center (Rock Top)- You feel you are looking at the city from the sky. The complete overview of the city can be taken from the Rock and the night view is excellent.

Statue of Liberty –From the Battery Park you can get a circle line ferry to get to the Statue of Liberty that is bronze statue gifted by France and is a symbol of democracy .From the Ferry you can see all the significant milestones of the New York City and the overview of the city is amazing to see from the boat. On retuning you can even have a look at the Ellis Island.

Fifth Avenue Museums- There are nine museums different from each other along the Fifth Avenue streets  between 82nd and 105th  and to get a glance at New York Museums you can view these museums.

Brooklyn Bridge  – The bridge across the city has always attracted tourists and seasonal waterfalls are also erected on the bridge to attract tourists that makes it amazing to see.

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