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New York: Well Know Tourist Attraction Place

New York is located in northeastern region of United States. It is called as a gateway of immigration to the United States. There are many attractive sights in New York and these attractions have a worldwide fame. New York City offers many cultural attractions, parks, museums and many more restaurants and shops. New York is known for its famous Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, the Museum of Modern Art, Times Square, Chrysler Building, Rockefeller center etc.

New York   New York is also known as a place for sky diving especially Adirondack Region: it offers wide varieties of mountains from which hiking and skiing adventures can be performed. Adirondack state park offers tourists with golf playing comforts and also it provides ponds for trekking and forest for exploring.Most of the people like visiting New York in autumn, especially the Capital Saratoga region. This place is known for its art and culture.

Finger Lakes Region is one of the most popular lakes in the world. This region offers tourists with awesome and stunning sceneries. It provides fun activities for families.

This region is famous because it has lot of wineries. Water sports are also available in this region and make tourists enjoy their tour joyfully.

Few most visited places of New York are :

Downtown Albany

This city is the capital of New York; it is a mixture of old and new city values. There are many state offices and federal offices for visiting in this place

New York

New York


New York State Museum

This museum can be called as show case of New York. This museum exhibits show cases of local wildlife, historical culture, and natural beauties that were available once in New York. The best part of this museum is: it does not have any admission fee

Empire State Plaza

Grand Concourse connects it to New York state museum. This plaza has many state offices and shopping malls. An arena called Egg is available in this plaza.  Many events and concert shows are conducted here. In the same are there is an arena called Pepsi arena, where many sport and cultural events take place.

New York
New York Saratoga Springs

In order to reach this place, people have to travel around 30 miles from Albany. It is a famous spot for horse racing. Saratoga Raceway is located here where horseracing sport is carried out. These races start from middle of July and end in September. Admission for visitors is also not huge it’s around 2$ only.

There is also Saratoga Spa Park available which contains some of old buildings, and spa retreats. These two things made a Saratoga Springs gather huge tourist attraction.



Howe Caverns

It’s an underground experience for people. This place is around 40 miles from Albany and has many caves and water bodies to explore. This place is located 156 feet below the earth. All these things are some of the places to be visited in New York and its capital, they are the best attractions ever seen.


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