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Basic Information about New York Air Port JFC

JFK airport is known as John F. Kennedy International Airport. It is one of the oldest airports opened in the year 1948. it was named after Presidents named John F. Kennedy. He was the first president of New York. JFK airport is located in Queens ’s borough of New York City, which is 15 miles southeast to the city. There are many transport facilities for people going to Airport.

Information Regarding Terminals of JFK Airport

This Airport is having a central terminal surrounded by other terminals. Each terminal has its own parking facilities and each is having a different color code. Most of the people have problems in carrying their luggage to central terminal and from there to other terminal. Some times because of this problem people miss the flights. In order to avoid such kind of problems Airport is providing facilities like Air Tran, which runs ever 2-4 minutes, Auto link and bus facilities are also provided to customers to reduce time in reaching their terminal. People need not worry about paying norms inside the Airport, these services are provided freely. They need to pay only for taxi to airport.

9 Terminals of JFK Airport are as Follows

New York

Terminal 1- is used for Aero Mexico, Alitalia, Air France, Japan Airlines and others.

Terminal 2- is used for Continental and Song flights.

Terminal 3- is called as Delta Terminal and it acts as a source for some other flights.

Terminal 4- is the main international terminal where most of Non US airlines and North West airlines land.

Terminal 5- is closed temporarily.

Terminal 6- it is used for Jet Blue flights.

Terminal 7- is terminal is called as British Airways Terminal.

Terminal 8- is American airlines international terminal.

Terminal 9- is used for landing of America domestic Airlines and American eagle.

Transportation facility around the Airport

Ground transportation facility is available around the airport.  People can travel by bus, shuttle, and rental car. There are many booths on terminal of airport to assist people and provide them transportation to reach destinations. Some booths provide information of how long will it take to reach ones destined terminal. While parking cars in the airport people find some color coded traffic and parking signs. These signs are designed to show coordination with the colors of terminals. For transportation of passengers who are physically disabled, there is ground level boarding facility. Wide doors are provided to these terminals in order to get wheel chair access. Buses, which go into terminals, always start from ‘Bus Connections at JFK’.

Other comforts of airport

There are many other extra features available in the airport. These facilities ensure comforts for people from all sides. Comforts provided are flower stalls, shoe polishing sources, restaurants, student assistance services, ATM machines and many more.

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