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Climate conditions in New York

The climatic conditions of New York is hot and humid in summers and cold in winters. .The climate is categorized to be continental climate and coastal area are less cold in winter’s in comparison to the inland regions .Snow and rains are common in winters in New York City. The amount of snow varies in winters. The season to visit New York is springs when the climate is pleasant and humidity is low in comparison to other months but the climatic situation is not constant in the year. The temperatures and humidity level varies in the month. The spring season is in May and the average temperature in the month is around 25-30 °C.


new york The autumns are pleasant and it can be considered to be one of he best season to visit the New York City .The temperature in the season are low in the nights and the days are sunny. The humidity level is low in autumn which makes it one of the most recommended times to visit the town. The winters are cold and the temperatures can go low to -1.5°C. The summers are hot and temperatures are high but not above 32°C.

The subtropical climate of New York City has difference in temperatures in regions that are close to the ocean and inland regions.  The costal parts have mild climate in summer with low temperatures and in winters the coastal regions have high temperatures in comparison to inland regions.

On an average the city receives 96 days of precipitation that mostly occurs in winters. The area is not affected by hurricanes but thunderstorms are common in summers.

The New York City is clouded almost 132 days in a yeas and annual precipitation is 25 to 35 inches of snow in winters.

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