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New York is the most outstanding city in USA. The city offers academic enchantments, parks, museums, lots and kinds of shops as well as restaurants. The City is a home of world's well-known attractions like Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, the Museum of Modern Art, Times Square, Rockefeller Center, Chrysler Building and lots more and all of them are a must see sites for the travelers. Adirondack Region offers elevations for skiing and hiking, the Adirondack State Park for golfing, camping, and ponds & lakes for trekking also jungles for exploring.

New York plays an indispensable role not just as a state but also as the state of entire country. It has principally New York City, a gateway for the immigration to United States. This state is the most populous one. As the leading travel destination, New York presents different tourist attractions to see. Amongst them, some have universal fame.


Finger Lakes Region is a well known travel destination that is sensational and dazzling one. The region presents fun activities for whole family. There are many wineries here. In Finger water Lakes sports are obtainable like water skiing, wind surfing, sailing and snorkeling.

new york Greater Niagara Region owns and presents great and charming falls. The region is well liked all around the world also is been visited for several years. The parks located in this area make the visitors take pleasure in themselves.

Chautauqua Allegheny is an attractive area. It has an affluent history also in these areas houses the homeland of Lucille Ball. The Lucy-Desi Museum, Jamestown Audubon Nature Center, Panama Rocks Scenic Park, Chautauqua Institutions, are the major places to visit.

Long Island is a must see region blending natural beauty with historical attraction. Long Island means hordes of beautiful beaches. It is a famous tourist spot; beaches include National Seashore, Fire Island and world famous Hamptons. They are amazing places to visit and most important thing to see is a lighthouse.

Outdoor activities are also available in the Hudson Valley region. This place makes you remember Hudson River School of Painting and famous writers that have considerable importance for American customs and literature also there are museums and art centers.

Thousand Islands Seaway Region is a water link between Atlantic Ocean and Great Lakes. One requires taking a boat tour when visiting this region. The Bold Castle, The Frederic Museum Of Remington, Ontario Fort, Aqua Zoo, and Oswego Harbor fest are along the list of best spots to visit.

The impressive New York City is the heart of USA and no other US city have even to come near to it in terms of people, range of culture, amusement, business and trade. Within a day's drive visitors can discover fine beaches, seascapes, mountains, small towns and lots of historical sightseeing. Therefore, no matter when you visit USA the first place to look for should be new York as it has got tons of different places to visit for the travelers which can be a illustrious event once in a life time.

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