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The New York City is located on the mouth of Hudson River, almost half way between Washington, D.C. and Boston. The Hudson River flows through the Hudson Valley to reach New York Bay. The river separates the New York city from New Jersey. The boroughs of New York ,Manhattan and Bronx are separated by another tidal strait -The Harlem River. The city is a famous trading centre of the world. Manhattan is not a large place in terms of square miles and it contains the commercial spots of New York city The Walls Street.

The Manhattan Island is 12 miles long and two miles wide and the southern part of the island is called "Downtown" and the middle of the Central park to the North trip is called “Uptown”. The south of the park is called “Mid-Town”. The neighboring area to the park is called "Upper East Side" and "Upper West Side". The area close to the Long Island is called “East Side” and Hudson River is called the “West Side” in New York City. Broadway  is also located in the middle of downtown Manhattan.


The streets of Manhattan are numbered but it runs east-west and it is not is order. The first street is above the Greenwich Village whereas the Avenues run north South.

The downtown Manhattan is also known as Lower Manhattan that is said to be the area delineated by 14 streets. It is advised for a first time visitor to get a map before leaving their homes .

Free bus rides are also provided to downtown destinations that run almost every 10-15 minutes from morning 10 am to 7.30 pm and you can view the Battery Park City, the World Financial Center, South Street Seaport , Chambers Street, Beckman Street etc.

Most of the buses and subways use the terms Uptown and Downtowns and you can expect on asking for direction to a local , people will show you to the maps. If you remember the compass directions and you use the terms Downtown  Uptown ,you will find it easy to navigate through he Manhattan city. It will be better if the names of intersections and avenues are known to you.


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