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Flying to New York had not always been an easy task. It had always been difficult to fly across the Atlantic. Though it is a beautiful heavenly place for people to travel, cost rates of flights to New York make desires of people still a dreams.

New York is a place rich in culture with lot of tourist attractions. Most of the people are interested to fly to New York during climate changes. New York has beautiful climate changes every year.

Best time for flying to New York

new York Cheap costs make their desires come true so a better option for tourists would be to travel during mid of May. September month is one of the best months for traveling to New York. Winter season best thing to visit is Christmas, which most of the people celebrate in a well-organized fashion.

Though people have desire to fly to New York during summers, their desires won’t come true because of high costs. In order to avoid this problem advance booking will be a better remedy.

If the flights are booked for April from the time of December, than the prices rates will be quite low.

Tips of how to fly to New York at a low cost

  • Search for flight rates in internet
  • Find out other sources of information also like cars, hotels etc before making a trip
  • Plan a trip in advance and book the tickets before
  • Travel guides are always helpful while traveling

When people are choosing flight deals, they should also keep in mind where they are going to land. This is because if they land in some air port nearer to city and hotels than their budget gets adjusted.

New York has three major airports

  • John F Kennedy International Airport
  • LaGuardia Airport
  • Newark International Airport

Most of the people though choose best fare rates to travel finding right transport from airport will be difficult. It’s always recommended for people to choose distance of city from these airports.

Some of the airports and their distances are as shown

1. New York La Guardia (LGA)

It is 8 miles east from New York City.

The duration to travel is around 20-30 minutes from the city

2. John F Kennedy International (JFK)

It is 12 miles south east of New York City.

The duration to travel is around 20 to 30 minutes.

3. New York Newark International (EWR)

It is 16 miles from New York City.

Drive time is around 40 minutes

So how should people choose their destination airport? If a person is coming from Eastern Europe he should choose flights scheduled to LGA. This helps him to visit all places in New York within low budget. If he chooses to depart to EWR than: he has to travel a long distance of around 24 miles. This can damage his budget rate causing lot of problems. There are many guidelines provided to people in websites available on the Internet. A travel guide website will be a better option for people to analyze and plan their visiting places and budget. I hope my tips will be a kind of help for them to make journey happy and contended within planned budget.

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