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There are many reasons to travel across countries or continents, they may be visiting places, pilgrimage, beautiful beaches, etc. One of them is skiing. It may not be very common reason as many counties donít have that kind of terrain to support these kinds of activities but for the countries which have all that is required for this can have a whole new scope of tourism.

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 Places like Alps have all round the year the facilities and environment for skiing. But visiting same place every time can be a bit monotonous and may take the charm and thrill off. But then we donít have any scarcity of options.  There are places like Turkey, Uzbekistan, Antarctica and Kashmir which offer similar kind of option. Still not all of these places have optimum facilities for this kind of sport. (For More: Holidays to Turkey )Turkey in other hand has more modern and cheap facilities for these activities. Kachar Mountains which is in the north-east, have well established and world class facilities for skiing. Also people can have even more unique and different experience in Palandoken, in the east of the country and Uludag near to Istanbul also known as winter playground.check this blog


Turkey Holidays

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