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Flying across the Atlantic to New York from London can be a tiresome since the journey is long. The real test to one's endurance and sturdiness. Not everybody can afford, or wishes to pay premium prices for the business class seats. Several small airlines companies run flights from London to New York and promise the luxury of business class air travel with reasonable price of concession airplane tickets.

All these business class airlines might be making the idea in reality. We will be here examining four airlines that offer business air flights between the most well known travel markets to New York from London. All offer expedited check-in, exceptional quality airline provisions, a special activity system and clearly, a more contented travel across the Atlantic. So do want a remarkable flying experience at reasonable costing then lets have a look at the prime airlines in the trade.

Eos Airlines

The Eos Airlines has a completely resting seat that is a must for those lengthy flights. With an utmost of 48 seats, there is tolerable space for everyone, fairly speaking, for the privacy and comfort. The Eos runs out of London and New York: the London airport is Stansted and New York airport is JFK. The JFK has more transatlantic flights in comparison to Newark or La Guardia, as well as can hold low-cost carrier. Eos airport lounge is likeable, as to be anticipated from a business class airline.


Eos points program helps to bring the ticket prices down considerably. Ticket costs are lower than the business class tickets on the American, Delta, United, and other big flights of airline industry.

MAXjet Airways

The MAXjet Airways is one more business flight transatlantic airline that flies out of London Stansted Airport. It has four weekly air flights between London and Dulles International Airport, Las Vegas, JFK, and LAX. Seats do not recline entirely as those on other business planes; however, any seat on MAXjet is much more relaxed than coach seats somewhere else. It is as well the best deal; MAXjet has affordably priced business flight tickets of any of these movers. MAXjet is a discount business flight that does not present its own curbs side check-in or else other accelerated check-in, so travelers have to arrive early at the airport.

Virgin Atlantic Airways

Virgin Atlantic Airways might be the favorite among common business flight travelers. There are eight or nine seats in front, which are chosen first class seats; however the rest is complete business class. Complete reclining seats, helpful service, better entertainment sources in the air, and high quality of food is the course with the business class seats. The Virgin Atlantic airline also has constantly lower fares; there is a luxury in not having to hunt the Internet for the cheap tickets. As with some other business class airlines, Virgin Atlantic presents high-tech in-flight amusement. Virgin has best record of accomplishment, and is measured as the best airlines in this class.


The Silverjet has "inclined" fully reclining over seats and does not fly out of Heathrow. In USA, Silverjet flies out of Newark that is largely suitable to NYC as is JFK. Silverjet airport lounge in Newark is not a standard of American Airlines, however, this is a smaller airline, as well as new. Discounts are easily available by an online research. Silverjet website often offers discounts as well as deals on the tickets. The New York City is a destination that has got no end when it comes to luxury and with countless legendary luxury hotels, such as the Waldorf and the Plaza, on offer it is no bombshell that it is a well-liked place to stay.


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